PSN can slash public sector ICT spend but the wider impact may not be immediate

It is early days for the Public Services Network (PSN), so more substantial savings and benefits will only emerge in the future. That was the conclusion of a roundtable debate about the new model hosted by the Guardian in association with Fujitsu.

The recent discussion involved nine senior information and communications technology (ICT) professionals – five of whom were from the public sector. Their verdict – that it is still early to look for immediate measurable benefits – comes a almost six months since the first PSN framework procurements were launched enabling the public sector to buy network connectivity and ICT services more easily and cost effectively.

PSN is already on track to slash IT costs by £130m a year in central government alone. Local authorities are already embracing it, and it is anticipated that by 2014 some four million public sector employees – 80 per cent of the sector’s workforce – will be on board.

But that’s some time yet – so it’s premature to expect greater savings right now, felt the roundtable participants. Notably, the media were often responsible for such expectations, often looking for answers to the question “what has this done, exactly” when in reality PSN is only in its infancy…

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Admin - November 5, 2012