2012′s rising barometer of PSN progress warms up the year’s wintry end.

“Let the competition commence” was the challenge in 2012 we had all been eagerly anticipating. After years of preparation and limbering up, we finally found ourselves embarking on this great endeavour, bringing the public and private sectors together to join up the nation and deliver a truly remarkable platform for success. And all of that in the same year as the London Games.

2012 has marked a coming of age for the PSN programme. With the initial PSN standards already in place, attention moved to the commercial frameworks needed to create the PSN marketplace and to building awareness of both the benefits of PSN and the actions both customers and suppliers need to take to comply, procure and connect. With those frameworks open for business and both customers and suppliers gaining PSN certification, the games are truly underway.

That awareness campaign kicked off in February with the successful PSN Conference, supported by PSNGB and Cabinet Office and held in the BT Centre Auditorium. A capacity audience heard from industry, early adopters, PSN pioneers, analysts and programme leaders, highlighting the challenges and anticipating the benefits to come. News of the Ministry of Justice’s transition to PSN and the NHS’s alignment of N3 in particular confirmed the commitment of the major departments to PSN adoption.

A further milestone in May was the formal incorporation of PSNGB, the industry body for PSN suppliers. With an elected Board and growing member subscriptions, PSNGB was then able to take the lead in building awareness and understanding of PSN and growing the competitive marketplace. By the end of the year PSNGB had grown to 32 members large and small, had delivered six major events around the country, created thought leading collateral and built its presence as an authoritative and independent voice.

In mid-2012 the PSN Frameworks, first Connectivity in May and then Services in June, were let by the Government Procurement Service (GPS). Eagerly anticipated, these created a competitive marketplace with a wide range of services. Both suppliers and customers have been adapting to and learning from early experience with the frameworks during the year and with some significant procurements now pipeline we can all look forward to a busy year ahead in 2013.

Finally, with the rise in PSN’s currency has come the need to anchor it more firmly to the ‘gold standard’ on which it is based – compliance with the PSN Codes. Compliance means achievement of PSN Certification and as we close the year it’s significant that the leading suppliers’ early investment has paid off with progressive certification of their services ready for deployment. And in another positive move, both Framework wins and service Certification are openly visible on the Cabinet Office website – a rising barometer of progress to bring a little cheer to a cold December.

Admin - December 24, 2012