How to join

If you want a voice in the PSN environment, either to lobby for changes, or suggest improvements, then join the PSNGB. If you want to know the latest news in the Public Sector, join the PSNGB. If you want to meet new suppliers and customers, join the PSNGB. Find out more about the benefits of joining PSNGB.

The PSNGB welcomes all suppliers, manufacturers, integrators, management providers and prospective suppliers to the PSN marketplace, irrespective of size or experience. All applications for membership are dealt with in an open and consistent manner. Simply download and complete the application form and email it to We will create an invoice and send it to you. On payment of the invoice, your application will be proposed at the following Directors Meeting, where your application will be approved.

There are two categories of members, SME and Standard. SME membership is open to those companies which fit in the EU definition of an SME, for the member and any Group Companies that they they belong to. Membership is limited to one per company or group. For details, please see the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Details of the current fees are available here.

If you are unsure about what membership could provide you, please contact the membership secretary at the email address above.

Details of our constitution are available here: